Historians Note; unless you are familiar with the document “Horizons of Deceit Book I” you should not read any further. Said document can be purchased by following the link to the right. The following takes place shortly after the climax of “Horizons of Deceit Book I”.

From: Commander Jeremiah Armstrong

To: Commander George Bedford

Friday September 26th 1890

I have reviewed your request for the transfer of Ordinary Seaman Erasmus Stevenson from HMAS Endeavour to HMAS Sovereign. It is, I must confess, an odd request since Mister Stevenson has only served with Endeavour for six months after a period of convalescence following his harrowing experiences on Luna. I have made myself fully versant with your reports regarding your mission to Luna in December 1889 and am aware of your commendation for Mister Stevenson. I have also studied his service file, and am somewhat concerned regarding your request considering the nature of Sovereign’s forthcoming mission. I consulted with our medical officer and he assures me that Mister Stevenson is of sound mind, but is still recovering from his incarceration and torture at the hands of the Drobates of Luna. However, he is uncertain if further exposure to the Drobates will help in his recovery, and could, indeed, undo all Stevenson has been through.

Nonetheless, I have also received orders from Rear Admiral Cavor to meet your request. But I would be remiss in my duties as Mister Stevenson’s commanding officer if I failed to raise my concerns.

Mister Stevenson is, in the opinion of my boatswain and I, officer material and has a fine naval career ahead of him. Despite his experiences, he continues to throw himself into duties and performs above the expectations of this officer. We hope that his tour of duty on Sovereign will aid in his path to becoming a fine officer, and to aid this Captain Ferguson and I have agreed to promote Stevenson to the rank of able seaman, effective immediately.

My compliments to Captain Theobald and her crew. Endeavour will rendezvous with Sovereign at Mars on the fourth day of October.


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