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Season Two Polls (Part Two)

Another season two poll; this time for our lead (semi-lead) characters.

Favourite story poll HERE!


A Happy Occasion

Historians Note; this immediately proceeds the document “Horizons of Deceit Book I”  which can be purchased by following the link to the right…

*from the journal of Professor Nathaniel Stone

Tuesday September 16th 1890.

Whoever thought this day would come? Certainly not I. We have been back on Earth only a short time, barely a few weeks and I found myself immediately put to work. Arnaud joined Doctor Boltzmann and his team in their efforts to refine the minerals we returned with. While I assisted Professor Thomson with his new, rather revolutionary, idea. He is designing a new type of mirror–a reflective surface that can capture the heat of the sun even from a distance beyond the asteroid belt. It is a new photovoltaic process based on the observations first made by Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel in 1839;  a method by which we hope to harness the power of the sun and convert it into an electrical current. If Thomson can achieve such a thing it will, once again, push the British Empire to the forefront of aether travel–and that is not to mention the potential for domestic use.

I have not seen much of Grant, who seems to be buzzing around as much as ever, barely at the research rooms for any real length of time. I have tried to talk to him, but he remains evasive, unwilling to discuss his latest communications with the Heart.

But those are the things of the past few weeks. A much happier occasion now lies before me. It is something I never truly believed would come–we spend so much time in the aether I was beginning to doubt we would ever return to Earth at the same time as Sovereign, but I happy to say that finally our return has coincided. And thus Annabelle and Commander Bedford have been able to reunite once more and further, knowing full well they may not be on Earth at the same time for a while, have arranged for their wedding. I am certain plans were afoot for longer than anyone knew–that Annabelle sent out invitations and made preparations each time we returned to Earth. It seems to be just the kind of thing she would do. Why wait, when she can arrange it herself?

And so today. It is only a few hours away, and soon they shall be Mr and Mrs Bedford. I should probably prepare myself, too, for it would not do if I were to arrive after Annabelle. Besides which, of course, there is the small matter of Arnaud. He tells me he gets quite emotional at weddings, and had already taken to the brandy that our housekeeper kindly procured for us to celebrate the happy occasion. Whatever am I to do with him?

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